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Can you paint UPVC doors?

If you acquired a PVC front door when you purchased your house or had one installed by us and would like a colour change, you are in luck as painting your door a new colour is a straightforward task.

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your uPVC front door, can restore its appearance and enhance the overall curb appeal of your home.

Image Courtesy Spraytech PVC

Giving your uPVC door a fresh coat of paint is a straightforward process that requires minimal preparation and just the right type of paint.

If you're looking to enhance the appeal of your front door and make it more inviting or eye-catching, a mini transformation maybe all you need.

Step 1

Remove any door furniture Before you even consider painting, it is essential to remove all door hardware.

This includes items such as doorknobs, knockers, and any ornate letterboxes you may have. Taking these extras off will provide you with a smoother surface to paint over.

Additionally, it allows you to refurbish your door hardware if needed.

(2) Prep The PVC Door

The first step is to remove any dust or cobwebs using a brush.

After that, wash the door with soapy water and a sponge, then dry it thoroughly. To protect the area beneath the door, place a dust sheet, cardboard or old bed sheet.

Next, take a light sandpaper and gently sand the entire surface of the door. This will create a textured surface for the paint to adhere to.

Be sure to sand all areas of the door frame, including any window frames that are part of the door.

If you haven't removed any door handles, knockers etc., be sure to cover those items so they don't get covered in paint.

(3) Pick The Correct Paint

Choosing the right paint for your PVC door project is important.

When choosing paint for your door it is best to research multiple brands.

One brand might have the colour you want but would also require a primer. While other brands do not.

Also, make sure you are painting on a warm dry day, so the paint dries properly.


Below i have attached a video i found on youtube, this will help you avoid the common problems below and ensure your PVC door looks great!

Common Problems with Painting PVC Doors ?

One of the main concerns is the potential for the paint to chip, peel, or flake overtime.

It is important to think about the durability of the paint and how long it will last before needing a fresh application.

The preparation of the surface plays a crucial role in determining the durability of paint, prep well!

If the surface is not cleaned and prepared before painting, there is a high likelihood that the paint will not adhere to the PVC door properly, This can result in chipping or peeling of the paint.

It is best to follow the manufacturer's guidelines when cleaning the surface, using their recommended cleaning products.

To prepare the door, gently scruff it with an abrasive pad and apply a dust coat before going any further.

Using old or expired paint, as well as combining products from different suppliers, can lead to issues with the paint.

It is recommended to order fresh paint for each project. Another factor that can contribute to paint failure is applying an excessive number of coats or failing to allow sufficient drying time between coats.

If changing the colour of your door is a project you would like to tackle, follow these steps, watch a YouTube video or two and you will be well on your way to updating the appearance of your uPVC door.

Overall Conclusion

Painting your PVC doors is a great option for upcycling, however getting your new PVC Door in the colour you want will always guarantee the perfect lasting factory finish. We supply a vast range of custom made PVC doors in Belfast & beyond, let's talk..

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